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Men's Club

The WES Men’s Club was reestablished in 1990 and is affiliated with The Federation Of Jewish Men’s Clubs, a branch of The United Synagogue Of Conservative Judaism. Men’s Club plays a vital role in synagogue life, providing social, cultural, and spiritual activities. through your donations, Men’s Club provides scholarships and other funding for Camp Ramah Darom, and we support various synagogue programs.

West End Men’s Club encourages the attendance and participation of non-Jewish spouses in our community and for them to participate fully in all of its events, including the annual retreat at Ramah Darom. The Men’s Club also seeks to support the integration of interfaith families in West End Synagogue.

This year is full of enriching events and opportunities:

Come be a part of Men’s Club! New members to WES are invited to receive a one year complimentary membership in Men’s Club.
Current President: Jim Handler