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Life And Legacy enables congregants and friends of West End Synagogue to designate an End-Of-Life Gift to the Synagogue.

Members Of WES who choose to make a Legacy Gift are making a personal commitment towards the continuity of Jewish Life in our synagogue and In our community. They are insuring that our home will always be there to serve the next generations of our extended family and that the congregation will have the resources to continue its tradition of excellence in Ritual, Education, Social Action and Tzedakah.

During the first year of The Life and Legacy Campaign, more than fifty members made their commitment to WES by signing a letter of intent to make a gift. The future value of these gifts is estimated to be more than $1 Million. An important aspect of this program is that a person does not have to be wealthy to make a legacy gift. By designating a percentage, for example 5%, of their final estate, individuals can pledge a meaningful gift as their legacy, whether their estate is $10,000 or $10 Million. fixed gift amounts, insurance policy designations, stock etc. are other forms of a legacy gift in this program.

If you would like to join your fellow congregants as a member of The WES Legacy Society, Please Contact The Office or speak directly with a member of the Life and Legacy team.

LIFE AND LEGACY TEAM MEMBERS: Karen Weil (Chair), Mike Gryll, Rodney Rosenblum, Gene Sacks, Jim Holzer, Janet Weismark, Steve Hirsch, Marsha Jaffa, Steven Remer, and Stuart Wiston.


Thank you for considering a donation to West End Synagogue. Judaism has a long tradition of self-help within a community, and your contributions will support our extensive religious, educational, social, and cultural activities.

West End Synagogue is a 501(C)(3) organization and your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Upon request, notification of your contribution (without disclosing the amount) will be mailed to the family of a loved one or to the person being honored by your contribution.