We are pleased to introduce the Early Childhood Learning Community (ECLC) at West End Synagogue. The ECLC is a joint venture between West End Synagogue and the Gordon JCC. We are currently accepting applications for enrollment in our 2019-2020 class, which will begin in August of 2019.

Our ECLC will provide a safe, high quality care and learning environment where our children will grow through play-based learning under the supervision of our qualified, well trained staff.

The ECLC at West End Synagogue includes an infant and toddler (Tinokot) room for ages 6 weeks-15 months, a toddler classroom (K’tanim) for ages 16-30 months, and a preschool program (Gan Shelanu) with a mixed age classroom for ages 2.5-5 years.

While the ECLC will be open to children of all faiths, an emphasis will be placed on Jewish programming, celebrating Shabbat and our holidays, through the involvement of our clergy and religious school director.

For more detailed information on the program and to apply for a place in the ECLC, please click here.

West End Preschool’s Virtual Baby Shower

West End Synagogue's Preschool is opening August 5! In preparation, we are throwing a virtual baby shower. If you have an interest in donating something to the Preschool, this is your chance!

 We have Baby Registries at Amazon, Target and Walmart. Items ordered from the registries will be delivered to the WES office, so if you prefer to shop in person, please deliver items to the office.




There are also a few items needed from other vendors (we only need one each, so please email Beth Davis at bethalidavis@yahoo.com before electing to order one of these to ensure it's still needed):

Fill & Fun Water Mat https://http://www.kaplanco.com/product/88067/fill-and-fun-water-mat?c=24%7CIT1045

Geometric Puzzle Board https://www.kaplanco.com/product/19005/geometric-puzzle-board?c=24%7CIT1011

Discover Bugs https://www.kaplanco.com/product/47549/discover-bugs?c=9%7CSC1000

Stack & Nest Sensory Toys https://http://www.lakeshorelearning.com/products/infants-toddlers/sensory-development/stack-nest-sensory-toys/p/RE148

Simple Shape Puzzle Board https://www.lakeshorelearning.com/products/infants-toddlers/cognitive-development/simple-shapes-puzzle-board/p/TB125

Finally, we are looking for the following items for children 1-5 years of age: dress up clothes, pillows, stuffed animals, and books. Gently used items will work as long as they are in good condition.

Thank you for joining in our excitement about the Preschool. If you wish to contribute, please have the items delivered by Monday, July 22. Direct any questions to Beth Davis (bethalidavis@yahoo.com).